Integrating ICT is the way forward

A resource recently posted to the Diigo group from djplanner  called “50 Ways to use a projector in the classroom” was an interesting read and one that I have now saved in my accumulating personal resources library. My professional experience site does have projectors mounted to the roof in every classroom which has been very beneficial to me and the lessons I have taught so far. The IWB’s however are not compatible with the new software the school has just rolled out (Window’s 360) so they can only be used as normal white boards and projector screens until the issue is resolved. Which means I am still yet to operate a fully functioning IWB and learn the benefits of using them.

Moving forward, I have been able to use the projector and whiteboard in the following ways to enhance student learning using ICT and as mentioned in the above article… audio visual resources from internet, displaying student work, sequencing pictures, compare and contrast, step by step instructions, paperless handouts and showing selected videos. Without this ICT resource, the students would not have been fully engaged and student learning and outcomes would not have been reached.


Tolisano, S.(2008) .”50 Ways to use a projector in the classroom”. Rosenthal Consultant and Coach. Retrieved on 11 October from


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