My Digital Citizenship

Until participating in this course, my knowledge and experience in regards to digital citizenship was quite minimal and I would not have been aware of the safe, responsible and ethical use if ICT that I should be implementing in my personal and professional life. I am looking forward to this learning path and to becoming more aware of this concerning issue.

The bullying quiz really made me think about what is happening in our schools today and how we should be addressing the issue. I downloaded the “Support materials for teacher education programs” from the Professional Learning page of the Safe Schools Toolkit website and used this document to answer the questions in the quiz. I did get 100% first attempt, but if I hadn’t of used the document, I would have scored question 3 wrong as I assumed for sure that cyber bullying would have been the most common form of bullying in secondary schools today.

The cyber safety quiz provided by the Australian Government’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner was really good and some parts of questions I answered incorrectly but in the end scored 100%. I found the content appropriate and my knowledge of the content was 90% correct. The few questions I answered incorrectly were in regards to opening emails and new webpages that may or may not have been viruses. I feel I answered these questions as a 30 year old opposed to a primary or secondary school student.

At the end of this learning path I feel that I have become well informed about using ICT safely, responsibly and ethically within my personal and professional life, however I do feel that I need to take further steps to expand my current knowledge. This is something I will work on during my professional experience and into my internship.


Safe Schools Hub. (2014). Support Materials for Teacher Education Programs. Australian Government Department of Education and Training. Retrieved on 3 October 2016 from

Australian Government. (2016).Cyber Safety Quiz. Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner .Australian Government. Retrieved on 3 October 2016 from


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