Assignment 3 – Part B

I have been very blessed to have been placed in a school for my professional experience placement for EDC3100 which means I must now get cracking on Part B of Assignment 3.

While for Assignment 1 and 2 I chose to focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area (Economics and Business), I have been placed in a school with a HPE mentor so am now required to familiarise myself with ICT integration in the Health and Physical Education learning area. As I have not yet met up with my mentor teacher I am unable to answer most of the questions required in Part B, but I can definitely get a start on it and / or my head around it so I am fully prepared when I meet with my mentor (hopefully on the school holidays).

I have noted that I require a description of the aspects of my Professional Experience context that will impact upon and must be considered when I am integrating ICTs into my teaching experiences. I am of the understanding that I will be teaching senior HPE subjects and I believe that due to the context of the school setting being a private high school with access to high quality exercise science equipment, that the senior school students will have excellent prior knowledge of ICT and definitely have the upper edge on me. While this is going to be extremely intimidating, I am also excited as this will improve my skills and then I will have the upper hand on the next school I teach at and be a better teacher because of it.

I am really looking forward to finding out the exact year levels and subjects I will be teaching and observing and what Curriculum the school is currently using.


Australian Curriculum. (2016). Health and Physical Education. Retrieved on 16 September 2016 from

Australian Curriculum. (2016). Health and Physical Education. Retrieved on 16 September 2016 from


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