Assignment 3 Overview

As we are now closer to the finish than we are the start, a big effort is required to finish the semester strong. Approaching Module 3 and Assignment 3, I have decided to summarise in my own eyes what is required for the final piece of assessment.

Part A – Learning Journal (5%) : Complete all the learning paths for Weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10 PLUS continue writing blog posts during these weeks.

Part B – Preparation (10%): 500 – 1000 words describing my PE context and how I plan to integrate ICT enriched learning experiences into the lessons I teach.

Part C – Lesson Plans (5%): Submit 5 lessons taught on PE including my reflections and mentor feedback for each.

Part D – Evaluation and insights gained (20%): 1000 – 1500 words evaluating my experience of integrating ICT into the lessons I planned and taught while on PE. Identify what worked, what didn’t and reflect on why and draw some insights that will inform my future teaching.


Jones, D. (2016). Assignment 3. EDC3100: ICT and Pedagogy. University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved on 7 September 2016 from



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