Workplace integrating ICT

This week at work I experienced first hand how ICT can be integrated to enhance learning. In my situation, I was required to update some company wide templates for my local office and I was sent an email with specific instructions on how to perform this task. Not only did the email contain very specific instructions, images and attachments, it also contained a link to a video that the marketing executive had created that walked me through the process to be undertaken. This video enabled me to have an experience as if I was in the same room as the marketing executive and was much more effective than the email, images and attachments. As the student in this situation, I was excited to use the video function for learning a new skill and found it quite efficient and effective.

A blog post from Licht (2016) titled “Best Learning Experience” also discusses the use of video’s and how they can engage students and create large amounts of interest in the topic if used correctly. If the students are engaged, they are more likely to learn than if they are not engaged. I was definitely engaged in my experience and I feel I would have learnt / retained the information better having worked through the video opposed to just a document with images.


Licht, J. (2016). “Best Learning Experience”. Jonah Licht – ICT and Pedagogy. WordPress. Retrieved on 23 August from


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