Module 2 – MY somewhere

In commencing Module 2 and Assignment 2, I have worked through the Week 4 learning path to guide the development of my somewhere. One of the components about teaching I enjoy most is planning and development so I know I am going to really enjoy this module and assignment.

My somewhere started with the Australian Curriculum as this is what was recommended and as I am approaching the end of my degree, I felt like I wanted to learn more about the new curriculum (F-10, version 8.2) so I started here. The next decision was to choose one of my two learning areas which are Health and Physical Education or Humanities and Social Sciences, and decide which one would be more ‘fun’ to design a unit plan incorporating ICT as a major resource. After much too much thought as I love both learning areas the same, I decided to pull a learning area out of a hat (literally)….and it was ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ that won!

Within the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area, I will be qualified to teach under the 7-10 Economics and Business subject. For the purposes of this assignment, I have chosen to focus on Year 10 and are currently deciding on which learning outcomes to select for the unit plan. I am yet to explore the curriculum and discover how I might go about amplifying and transforming learning experiences using ICT.

I am really looking forward to selecting some suitable learning outcomes based on the context I eventually choose and brainstorming how I can modernly integrate ICT.


The Australian Curriculum. 2016. 7-10 Economics and Business. Humanities and Social Sciences. Retrieved on 14 August 2016 from


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