Lesson Plan with ICT

In relation to the first assignment for EDC3100, there are a few specifics which I must consider when searching for an ‘acceptable lesson plan that uses digital technologies to improve learning and teaching.

The main areas to consider for the lesson plan are;

  1. Includes the use of any ICT and Pedagogy;
  2. Is available via a URL;
  3. Is of an acceptable quality;
  4. Is based on a formal curriculum such as the The Australian Curriculum; and
  5. Is legally acceptable to be upload to the AES server.

I have chosen to use my own lesson plan from a previous professional experience as it addressed all the criteria and I would love to analyse it further using the RAT model and the SLIC guide.

After reading one of the blogs I follow written by Bec Davis, I decided to have a look at the website which she used to find her lesson plan for Assignment 1. The Discover Dairy website which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License is an absolutely fantastic website. I would have loved to of found a suitable lesson plan for myself but unfortunately was not so lucky. As Davis (2016) mentions, the website’s purpose is to help provide resources to both teachers and students on how to embrace digital technology in the classroom through the topic of dairy farming. As a hobby farmer myself, I found this website personally and academically very interesting.

Reference List

Davis, B (2016). A1 Lesson Plan. Retrieved on 1 August from https://beccdavis.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/a1-lesson-plan

Discover Dairy. (2016). Dairy.edu.au. Retrieved 5 August 2016, from http://www.dairy.edu.au/discoverdairy

The Australian Curriculum v8.2. (2016). Australiancurriculum.edu.au. Retrieved 1 August 2016, from http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au

Jones, D. (2016). EDC3100: ICT and Pedagogy Course notes (Introducing Assignment 1). Toowoomba: University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved 30 July 2016,http://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/m2/mod/book/view.php?id=614322&chapterid=41663


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