Business Studies – Yr 7 – Lesson Plan

The lesson plan I am using for assignment 1 is based on a previous professional experience placement where I had to teach a Year 7 Business Studies class who were learning how to use Microsoft Office – Word to produce a variety of documents. The Year 7’s were only new to the school that year so the department had not yet implemented the Australian Curriculum and therefore the lessons were based from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. 

The lesson plan has been provided below in this blog so it is accessible via a URL for the purposes of Assignment 1 for EDC3100.

Lesson Plan_BCT_YR7_HR


Risson, H. (2015). Lesson Plan BCT YR 7. USQ Professional Experience Placement 2015. Retrieved on 4 August 2016

The Australian Curriculum v8.2. (2016). Retrieved 1 August 2016, from

Queensland Studies Authority (QSA). Queensland Curriculum – Prep to Year 10. Retrieved on 3 August 2016 from



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