The obsolete classroom…is it?

During the Week 2 learning path, I was asked the question…why or why not do we use or should not use ICT & Pedagogy in our teaching and learning journey. After reading the article “14 Things that are obsolete in 21st century schools”, I formed an opinion that both agreed and disagreed with the different points in this article. I was educated in that now called obsolete classroom and I am coping fine in society and in the workplace with my current skills that I have learnt along the way in the different career paths I have chosen.

So, with that in mind, I disagree that everything needs to be ICT related or ICT connected at school as I believe that anything can be learnt if there is a need to learn it for a specific job or career later in life once students have graduated. I do however agree with the comment that Andrea Scheicher (2010) said about “Schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don’t know will arise”. The question is, how do we do this? I guess from my perspective, we need to teach and inspire students to love learning and show them that learning is a life long journey, not just until they finish high school or university. If you can teach a child to love learning, they will be able to adapt to any new ICT, job or solve problems that arise as it’s what they love doing….learning!!!

Ingvihranner. (2014). 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools. Retrieved on 2 August 2016 from

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