Teaching Resources…should we share?

Teaching resources as we know can be documents that an individual or group of teachers have developed for a specific purpose. Sometimes we do not like to share these resources as a lot of time and effort has gone into the development of them, but the question is…should we share regardless of how long it took to develop and who we are sharing with? I am a normally a generous person but have been quite the opposite with teaching resources that I have developed over the years, however as I am becoming more ICT aware, I am realising that if I share my resources and other teachers want to use my resources, then I am only benefiting the students learning journey which is why I became a teacher in the first place.

A HPE blog I have recently started following had an interesting post which I thought was a great idea and it was about using video as a quick way of sharing ideas and discussing teachers thoughts on a variety of teaching and learning strategies. Blain (2013) said “We then took this a step further by suggesting it would also be useful to share other resources we created, be it lesson plans or ideas for conditioned games etc. either as word processed files or presentations of via apps which explain everything”. The school was able to support this vision and assisted the teachers set up online google drives to house this information.

Another article which I have read recently that discussed sharing resources had the below statement which I absolutely loved reading and totally resonated with…it read:

“Teachers who work silently, don’t tweet, blog and discuss ideas with people around the world are obsolete. Teachers are no longer working locally but globally and it’s our job to share what we do and see what others are doing. If a teacher is no longer learning then he shouldn’t be teaching other people. We should all be tweeting, blogging and sharing what works and doesn’t work, get and give advice to and from co-workers around the world. We should constantly be improving our craft because professional development isn’t a 3 hour workshop once a month but a lifelong process.”

At the end of the day, why are we teaching, why are we developing resources to educate students…it’s definitely not to sit on someone’s computer not being used!!!


Blain, D. (2013). The Physical Education Teacher. Blog Post: Department Developments. Retrieved on 2 August 2016 from https://thepeteacher.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/department-developments/

Ingvihranner. (2014). 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools. Retrieved on 2 August 2016 from http://ingvihrannar.com/14-things-that-are-obsolete-in-21st-century-schools/


3 thoughts on “Teaching Resources…should we share?

    1. You are very lucky to have experienced that atmosphere. I guess I took my angle because every lesson I have taught, has been my own work from scratch and many many hours and sleepless nights. I am happy to share if others can share quality resources, but I unfortunately have not had that experience. I am a 4th year student and I have never seen a unit plan or a lesson plan from any mentor teacher. Because we are unpaid pre-service teachers, I get the feeling I’m being used. But like I said in my blog, I need to put those personal feelings of being used aside and think about the students. If the teacher wants to use my resources (permission granted or not), then the children are the ones that will benefit from it. It’s not all about me anymore, although recognition is nice. I hope I am as lucky as you for my final placement.


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